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Dirty Pancake Half Asian All Petite

Now this girl is interesting! Dirty Pancake is the name of this little hotty, a half asian half british girl that seems to have gotten the best of both worlds. She got almost all of the asian facial features, and certainly got the sexy little asian tits. Those small breasts are firm and yummy, just the way we love’em! She has a bit more of a white girl ass too, so this girl has got a little back to go with her sexy tiny top. A nice combination. Oh yeah, this girl is into girls and boys, and loves to fuck on camera and play dress up games and get naked, so we get to enjoy her small boobs in all sorts of ways. She loves to get her little nipples licked too, you can see in her face how much it turns her on. Nice tiny tits, sensitive nipples, nice butt, I want to meet this girl for a night out!

Check out more of Dirty Pancake on her personal site, all videos in 720p HD!

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  1. mitcHell

    Wow, I LOOOVVVVEEEE small tits. Keep up the good work!

  2. joes


  3. Paul

    love ya little nipple

  4. Andrew

    I Want U 2 Ride my Cock All Night Long.

  5. BlingBling

    She looks like a man…

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