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Month: February 2006

Mandy’s Diary

Mandy’s Diary is an interesting site because it isn’t exactly like many of the other porn sites out there.

First off, Mandy is a nice looking girl with some sexy little titties and a nice girl next door look. Her shaved pussy with the little landing strip is maybe the first tip off that this girl is as sexy as she is sweet.

Anyway, her site is more about her adventures and discoveries in life. Not all of it is happy peppy, sometimes she gets a little upset with waiting in line for something or whatnot… it is much more personal that most sites. The images are great, Mandy is a true hotty, and she loves to play and discover new things… overall, this is one of the better personal websites I have run across…

Plus, I mean, check out those cherry nipples… don’t you want to munch on them for a while? 🙂

Anyway, click here and check out Mandy’s Dairy… it’s kewl.

Small Tit Honeys… yummy yummy!

small tit honeysmall tit honeyGotta love a site that has a whole bunch of nice small titty girls all in once place.

Small Tit Honeys has some really nice babes, in softcore and hardcore action. Videos, pics… the whole nine yards. You can click on the pics to see two hot galleries for this site… of you can click here to check out Small Tit Honeys for yourself. It’s all good 🙂

Seanna Teen: Sexy Cali Girl

seanna teen has nice titsSeanna Teen is a sexy hot cali blonde with a sparkling personality and a couple of tiny assets that you will love!

First off, her eyes are stunning. One look will stop you in your tracks and get you paying attention. She is cute and real, and I think she would be a traffic stopper in almost any town. She is long and lean and oh so wonderful indeed!

Then the clothes come off and all bets are done – Gentlemen, start your hardons!

Seriously, this girl is hot! Beautiful blonde hair, nice eyes and soft skin as nice starters, but damn, those tits are amazing! Seanna Teen is one of the few girls you will find that has not only small tits, but they are also lovely and full, round and wonderful… and her nipples and a lovely fresh pink color and as you can see from the picture here, they get hard as rocks and are ready for some lip flapping and nipple nuzzling… you know you want to!

Then her pants come off, and you will find lovely soft pussy lips and sexy long legs… wow.

You know you want here… so click here to check out Seanna Teen in her personal website! She updated 5 days a week and does live members only cam shows that will rock your world. Enjoy!

Teen Topanga – petite and sexy tits

Teen Topanga has nice small titsTeen Topanga is a saucy and teasing teen from the midwest that recently moved to California to go to college. When she got there, she met a bunch of people, and they talked about all sorts of things. It got the barely 18 year old Topanga thinking about herself and her sexuality, and she decided she needed to explore. She decided she needed to film it all too, so there was the making of a great website!

Topanga is petite, barely 5 feet tall, and curves to match. Her tiny tits still look big on her, because she is so small, and her nippled are works of fucking art, let me tell you. You could put those in a wool sweater and you would still get a nice view! They get all flushed and puffy when Teen Topanga gets excited, and let me tell you, that happens a whole lot with this sexy petite teen!

She started a personal website, and has packed full of videos, pics, and all sorts of stuff about her sexual adventures and path to discovery. You can see her alone, masturbating like crazy, or perhaps you would prefer to see her in a sexy get together with one of her college classmates? It’s all possible here!

So check it out – click here to check out Teen Topanga’s personal website!

Little Summer – Little tits!

little summerLittle Summer is a pretty blonde 18 year old from Beverly Hills, California. She is a cute girl with really nice curves, and a pretty smile (even with the braces!). Her dark eyes and light skin will certainly attract your attention.

What attracted me to her the most are her petite but well formed breasts.  They are not super small tits, but they are petite and well formed, and her nipples are both smaller around, and at the same time pointy and easily aroused.  They are the type of nipples that poke through bras and t-shirts, giving us all those lovely dreams of those pointy nipples being in our mouths!

Her personal site is updated regularly with new videos and pics.  Her friend Kimmie helps her out with the videos and sometimes I think she gets involved too!   There is a whole bunch of stripping, showing off, playing around, and some really hot girl on girl action that will certainly make you cum buckets!

Click here to check out her personal site… Little Summer with bring sunshine to you every day! 

88square: Small titty asian girls

88 square asian hottiesOkay, I will admit it – I love asian girls. They turn me on with their sexy looks and tight bodies… and 88 square is one of the best places on the net today to see the hottest small titty asian girls around.

88square is different from many of the so called “asian mega sites” out there because the girls the focus in on aren’t your usual chinese / japanese / pinay types, but rather girls from all over asia. Sexy girls from Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korean…

These are the sort of places that you don’t always see girls from on the net. These girls have the unique sexy look you don’t see very often, and they will give you a major woody! They have a unique loo, with expressive eyes and hot by innocent looks that are just stunning!

I also find that the girls here have a more natural and happy look than many of the asian sites around. These girls look like they were found on the beach, in the city, and on the streets, and have that hot but natural look. Many of them are hot well known models, but they still manage to have that natural look that is just stunning.

Not all of them are small titty girls, but most of them are very petite indeed and have wonderful, sexy tight little tits and perky nipples. These girls are all natural and wonderful to look at. I wish there were more girls like this around!

They update the site regularly with new pictures and videos, and the girls just keep getting hotter. You know you love it, so go have a look.

Click here to check out 88square – where the hot small titty asian girls are!

Dana Lightspeed – lovely small tits!

Dana Lightspeed small titsDana Lightspeed is yummy.

First pic I saw of her, I looked into her eyes and I was lost. Between her dark hair, dark eye and stunning smile, I wasn’t even looking anywhere else. I was stopped on the spot. I mean, wow… I was truly blown away.

And then the clothes came off and I think I came in my pants.

Dana has the most amazing, smooth, lovely little tits you will ever see. So far the nicest little titties I have ever seen. Even her pink nipples are shy, smooth, and they only seem to come up a very little bit even when she is most excited. They are very light in color and cap off her stunning tiny tits nicely.

Then my eyes followed down her lovely 5 foot 6 inch body, and I arrived at her lovely hips and beautiful shave pussy, just about as tiny as her bitty boobs. She looks tight, real tight!

Dana lightspeed tiny tits

Her ass is stunning as well, absolutely perfect and balanced with the rest of her body in ways you can’t imagine. Dana Lightspeed is a stunner.

Then I went to check out her personal site. It’s impressive. She has a ton of videos and pics alone, shyly showing off her amazing tight body and beautiful eyes. She really does seem shy, but she comes out of it and makes it all worth while.

Put her with some lightspeed girls, and the tiger inside Dana Lightspeed comes out. There are some truly fun videos of her and other lightspeed girls playing around, getting naked, and well… doing what girls do when there are no boys around! Dana has a huge sexual appetite, and she loves to play with the other lightspeed girls. Overall, the site is a winner, and it gets updated regularly, which is really great. Plus, with a stunning like Dana, you know you will get your rocks off every time!

Dana Lightspeed is hot. Click here to check out her personal site with some nice preview pics and stuff.

Shelby Bell – montreal hotty

shelby bell hot montreal girlShelby Bell is a hot blonde from Montreal that really loves to show off. You know those hot french girls from Montreal, they are some of the most sexy girls in the world, and Shelby Bell proves it! She has nice curves, and a well developed pair of little tits that suit her just fine. Her hair is lovely blonde and her tight pussy is shaved and smooth… wonderful!

Her personal site is packed full of hot softcore and hardcore action as Shelby take on some of the hottest french girls you have ever seen in hot lesbian action!

She is a hotty, that is for sure, and you will love Shelby Bell and her tiny tits!


Small Titty girls from Nubiles

nubile girl boroka
Well, here we go again with two hot new petite models from Nubiles, which has got to be one of the best sites on the net for small breasted amateur models. Boroka is a sexy blonde that really had a hot look and pretty little titties. She really got my attention when I saw her!

First off, she is tall and lean, which I really like. But she also has really nice curves and you know she is all woman! Plus she has a tight little shaved pussy that just really makes her look so damn hot! This gallery has really great high quality pics, and I am sure you will enjoy it! Click here to check out her gallery

Nubile Girl Melody

Melody is another hot new girl at Nubiles. (I really wonder where they find all these exceptionally hot small titty girls… it’s like they have a private supply or something!). She is a sexy american girl with all the right curves. This gallery has her in a hot pair of jean shorts and a tight yellow top, and it isn’t long before the clothes are off and the tiny tits are out there for your enjoyment!

The knee high socks are just a real nice touch. She really does have a sexy look, and those little tits are just what I love to see.

Click here to check out her hot gallery here!

Jordan Capri – Queen of cute!

jordan capri small titsJordan Capri is the girl who helped to define in my mind what a “spinner girl” was. I can remember seeing the first pics of her on the net a while back, and she was a stunning petite girl with the type of tits I just love! I met the adminstrators of Lightspeed University and they that everyone would go wild for this new girl called Jordan. I didn’t disagree, and since then, I have seen her go from obscurity to one of the web’s best known petite small tit babes.

Jordan is tiny. She is just over 5 feet tall (5’1″, I think) and I would bet no more and about 95 pounds soaking wet – but damn, those pounds are all in nice places. She has a classic face, a really pretty smile, and those tits… ahhh! petite, firm, and very sensitive little boobs! Her pink nipples are big compared to the rest of her tiny tits, but damn, they are yummy!

jordan capri small titsYou can tell when she is having a good time because those nipples puff up and get even bigger… then you know that Jordan is losing control!

Did I mention that she likes girls?

That is one of the best things about the lightspeed university girls. There is always a party going on somewhere, it seems, and these girls love to party with each other! From innocent games of spin the bottle and water gun fights, to hardcore lesbian lick fests… these girls go nuts. They all want a chance to get with sexy Jordan Capri, to lick her tight pussy and play with those amazing tiny tits…

Click here to check out Jordan Capri’s Personal website!

Raven Riley – Hottest girl on the net?

raven rileyRaven Riley is the rare combination of steaming hot teen babe and amazing sexy attitude.  She won’t only knock you dead with a pretty smile, sexy ass and oh-so-yummy little titties, and she will charm you with her love of getting naked and playing just for you!

She really is a teen (just 18 and a bit now) and she is all of 5 foot 4… which makes her little titties even more impressive as they are perfectly round, full, and yet so petite and yummy.  I have met her in person (and I have a signed poster to prove it) and I can tell you that Raven Riley is “the real thing”.

Her dark skin, dark eyes, and smoking hot little tits will capture you quickly!   Her looks are unique, and her handful tits are really lovely.  Watching her play with them by herself (or with one of her hot girlfriends) is something that will stiffen you up quick… she’ll stop you in your tracks!

If you want to be truly amazed, tune in for one of her live shows.  Her hot body and stunning personality will have you up in no time, and I bet you can’t last the whole show.  She loves to play with her sexy little tits, and her nipples pop up and almost bulge out when she comes… she is a true beauty!

Raven Riley is a hotty – click here to check out her personal site! 

Chloe18 – petite teen with nice little tits

chloe18 sexy little titsChloe18 is a real hotty. The first time I saw pictures of her, my eyes were drawn to her perfect little tits. They sure are nice. Her nipples are lovely, pert, and when they get hard, man, you just want to suck on them! She is petite (almost too petite at times, she can’t be more than a 32-24-32 girl, but damn she is hot. Her site is packed full of hot photo sets, including some real nice ones with her and another small titty girl. Those videos are freaking hot, let me tell you, and there is a ton of breast squeezing and nipple sucking that will drive you mad.

Chloe18 truly is a hot teen, and I am sure you will love checking her site out. On top of everything else, she does real live shows, and you can email her and ask for special requests. If you want to worship small breasts, Chloe 18 is one of the hottest small titty models around.

Click here to check out Chloe18’s personal site

Small Teen Tits

Well, let’s start this blog off with some nice small tits…

Small Teen Tits is a free site that I made some time ago. A couple of galleries of smaller titty girls, nice and simple, no big deal. Enjoy 🙂

Welcome to little tit site

Okay, if you are reading this post, I suspect you have just stumbled onto this site by accident for now. This is my all new blog that will be oriented towards small titty girls. I love perky little tits, and I am not shy about it. I will be posting links to sites, galleries, movies, and anything else I can find that might be interesting.

Remember too: Everything here is legal. I will not link to kiddie porn or any other bullshit. All models are over 18. All discussions of little tits is about adults only.


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