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Month: March 2006

Spicy little latina tits

pacino world latinas with tiny titsHoly smokes! Check out this hot latina babe!

I was checking out a list of hot new teen sites, and someone said “how come nobody checks out latina girls”? Well, off I went, and it only took me a few minutes to find a whole bunch of really hot latina babes with small tits at Pacinos World.

Pacino searches the world over looking for the hottest latina babes. He loves them all natural, so you will see a ton of the hottest latina teens with sexy little tits. He shoots some of the hottest pics and videos, and the girls are just amazing. These are real amateur girls, not just over done models. Probably my favorite, real girls with real tiny tits!

There are a ton of really hot girls on this site, the girl in the pic is one of hundreds of totally amazing babes.

Click here to check out this gallery to see this hotty’s hot curves.

Click here to visit Pacino’s World

Strawberry Sandy

strawberry sandystrawberry sandystrawberry sandyI don’t know a whole bunch about this girl, her website is nice but there isn’t much info to be found… she is petite, she is 18, and she is dutch.

… and she likes strawberries, I gather. I have the impression she might have been a non-nude model before, and now that she is over 18, well… of comes the clothes and out come the pretty, petite sweater puppies. They are nice and round and edible… 🙂
Click here to check out her gallery

Click here to check out Strawberry Sandy’s personal site.

Teen Topanga Videos

teen topanga videosPoking around my stuff, and I came across this little site I made a while back… sometimes I find the most interesting things when I look around some of the sites I have built before… especially when you love tiny tits like I do!
Inside you will find clips from Teen Topanga, that were put out when her site first opened. They are pretty sexy and cute, and show off this nice tiny tit babe at her best.

If you like this hotty (and who wouldn’t) you can check out her personal website by clicking here.

Tiny Tits Teen Michelle-Lynn

michelle lynn hot teenGotta love fresh new teen babes – and Michelle-Lynn is fresh and she has nice tiny tits and pointy nipples… a real winner in my book!
Yes, she has braces… and she is thin, lithe, with tiny tits and nice long legs. She has a very lickable tight teen pussy, and she loves to play! You can check out this gallery to see her hot curves and more… she is a hotty.

The best part is that she isn’t like many of the teen girls out there. She loves to show off, she loves to do live cam shows, and she loves to fuck and have big orgasms. You can see here with girlfriends and boyfriends, doing the hardcore thing in a seyx way that only teen girls can pull it off. She is a true hotty, a girl that will be in your dreams and be in action right in front of your eyes.

Click here and check out her personal website… Michelle-Lynn is hot!

Petite Stars tiny tit

petite stars girl with tiny titsI found this girl in a gallery for a hot little site called Petite Stars. This site is packed full of smaller girls, you know, the under 5 foot 2 babes that are just so yummy. You get those lovely little titties,the nice firm asses, and of course some nice tight pussy!

There are some really hot girls on this site, including the girl you see here. Her free gallery features 16 pics of her stripping down and showing off all her fine assets. She has lovely little tits, with really nice big nipples that get real hard. Yummy stuff indeed!

Click here to check out her free gallery.

Petite Stars has a ton of hot looking tiny tits girls in softcore, hardcore, and wild small titty lesbian action. Click here to check out Petite Stars

Redhead small tits

interracial small tits action… and she likes big black dick!
I found this girl on a new site called 18 Interracial. It features hot young babes getting fucked for the first time by really huge black cocks. There are a number of really hot babes on this site (including one girl with bigger tits but amazing puffy nipples… yowsa!).

Anyway, this girl is a real cutie, natural red head with tiny tits and pointy nipples. Very nice indeed. She goes to work on the big piece of black meat and pretty much takes it everywhere. She really seems to be enjoying herself, riding that black monster. It’s hot!

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE GALLERY. Click here to see the same babe in hot movie clips!
If you like hot interracial action with sexy small titty teen babes, click here to check out 18 interracial!

Tiny tits, face full of cum

small tits but cum on her faceMy never ending quesiton to find hot small titty girls took me into the private galleries of one of the net’s classic sites, CUMFIESTA! This site is one of the original “real girls try out for porn” type sites, and it is still one of the most honest and direct sites out there.

With weekly updates featuring mostly fresh amateur girls, you can be sure to hit a nice small titty girl in about every other update. This girl (I think her name is Suzi) is a fine example of this. She is a real natural girl, not entirely 100% perfect, but damn, she has really nice little tits and big pointy nipples that are just begging to be sucked. I can’t resist!

The best part? This ain’t no posing and teasing deal… before this gallery is over our pretty babe here has hit her knees on the ground and taken some major man meat down her throat, ending up with a big facial cumshot that drips down over her pretty little cones. NICE!

Click here to check out the gallery

Click here to check out more and some free trailers at Cumfiesta!

Pint Sized Pussy

pint sized pussypint sized pussyPint Sized Pussy is a hot new site that features pretty girls all of the “short and petite” persuation. Many of the girls are under 5 foot tall and hovering around 100 pounds, so you know that they are petite.

The site is filled with fresh hardcore and softcore movies and images, and the quality of the images is superb. As you can see from the two samples here, these girls are freaking hot. Check out some galleries:

PSP gallery 1PSP gallery 2PSP gallery 3

Considering that these girls are so petite, their breasts and curves are amazing! I really enjoyed checking this site out, and for a new site, I found it to be very complete. They mix in hard and soft videos, plus a nice mix of girls including some hot asian babes that I truly love.

Click here to check out Pint Sized Pussy for yourself!

Brooke Skye

brooke sky has nice titsGotta love the smile on this girl!

Brooke Skye is a sexy redhead teen with a wonderful attitude and a winning smile. I love her personal site, it is packed full of happy porn and sexy pics that show a girl that truly loves to get naked and show off…

… and what a fucking lovely body to show off!

Brooke is from the tall and thin section, but she has very generous and well defined curves. Her lovely tits are small, but they have a lovely form and shape, and they hang nicely. They are really nice and present, but at the same time very lovely little tits that won’t overflow your hand or anything.

Plus, the rest of her body is hot too! Shaved pussy, wonderful fuckable ass, and legs that don’t quit. She is the entire package.

This gallery is great – some really nice shots of Brooke Skye and her tiny tits, plus some nice leg and pussy shots that will get your drooling. This girl is the whole package, and you will love her!

Click here to check out her hot gallery, or click here to check out her amazing personal site.

Jassie: Nice tiny tits!

jassie has nice tiny titsJassie stole my heart… well, okay… she gave me major wood. 🙂

Nubiles is freaking amazing. They find some of the hottest small titty girls in the world and get them on their site, and dammit, I love it! Jassie is just another one of those stunning girls.

I love those pencil tip nipples. You know that when you suck on them that she will be moaning and groaning and having a good old time. Small titty girls are usually really sensitive, because most stupid guys skip their tits and go right for the wet pussy below. Spending some time on lovely tit’s like Jassie’s will reward you with a super horny girl.

This gallery shows off Jassie really well, and you can check inside her personal page for more info on her. She is a hotty, and this gallery is worth the effort to check out.

Click here to check out the free Jassie gallery.

Check out Jassie’s personal page with a preview video, click here!

Miya: Nubile girl tiny tits

miya has tiny tits 32a!Wowza! I got this email from the guys over at Nubiles, and they said they had added a couple of new models to thier site… I click the first link and…

Oh my god! Miya has such pretty little titties!

You can click her pic to check out the free gallery. She is 32a, and her blue eyes are just fixating… I almost didn’t notice her tits because I was looking deep into her eyes. But I recovered, and checked her out… wow! Biggish nipples, small titties, and a tight shaved pussy. Ahh, the miracle of 18 year old girls, right?

You can also check out her personal page (CLICK HERE), and there is a demo video where you can see more of this sweetie. Nubiles has a ton of the hottest teen models, you will love it!

sexy and petite girl

sexy and petite girlI found this girl in a nice gallery from a site called sexy and petite. I figured that I was on to something when I went looking and found a site with a name like that, right?

This girl proved me right!

Well, this girl is classic petite. She is tall and thin and nicely shaped, and her little tits are tight and well formed. She really looks like she would be a tough one to get going, but once she is into it, she would probably be a fucking wild cat!

This gallery is 16 pics of her stripping down and getting all wet in a bubble bath. It’s a nice gallery, CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.

You can also check out more hot girls like her, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT SEXY AND PETITE.

Nice small tits on this babe

Umm, wow.
I found this gallery over at just 18… damn, I love this girl. She has a really nice look, her tits are amazing little bite size things and the nipples are a mouthful, that is for sure! She also have lovely shaped hips and a shaved kitty you will love… and she spreads it open completely too! Just18 has a mix of petite and bigger boob girls, but this girl is a most amazing example of really nice small tits!

Filipino fuck: Hot lesbian gallery

filipino fuck lesbian actionFilipino fuck is a really nice totally hardcore asian site, packed full of VERY petite girls, small breasted lovelies that will certain meet your standards of small titty hotness. This gallery is a good example.

In this one, you get two total hotties doing the lesbian thing. I don’t think between them they have an A cup if you total all the titties up, but they are lovely and sexy and just hot enough to enjoy. The action is good too, especially if you like fingers in pussy and (as shown) nipple licking and kissing. Nice.

You can click here and check out the gallery! Hot lesbo action!

You can click here and check out the Filipino Fuck site. It is filled with hot videos of sexy small titty asian girls in hardcore action, including some nice threesomes and more. It’s a decent site that might be just what you like 🙂

Dream Kelly: Blonde and petite

dream kelly blonde and nice titsDream Kelly is a really hot looking babe. She has possibly the largest tits that I would consider sexy, probably very full A cups with super pointy nipples and they get hard at the drop of a hat.

If you click on the picture, you will be taken to a Dream Kelly hot solo gallery where you will get to see more of this teen hotty. It has 16 or 17 pics of her showing off her hot bod and being sexy… I like! 🙂

Her personal website is nice as well, really well built and she has a ton of pics and videos to share. She really is a nice little tease, and she will turn you on and really make you pay attention… she is a sweetie who isn’t afriad to even change her hair color for a thrill and to get a sexy look.

Don’t forget them sexy little tits! (how could you?)

Click here to check out Dream Kelly and her personal website

Gigi Lightspeed: Fresh new hotty!

gigi lightspeed has round small titsFresh hotty alert! Gigi Lightspeed coming at ya!

I love lightspeed… they always seem to find the hottest real girls around and get them massively naked and sexy… Gigi Lightspeed is a perfect example. She is a real honest to god bookworm gone wild. She came to LightspeedU expecting to get an education in the three Rs… instead she is learning stripping, masturbation, and pussy licking… and she is loving it!

Check out her fine bod and beautiful tits…. perfect round A cups that just are begging for you to check out… she is a sexy girl, that is for sure

Click here to check out Gigi Lightspeed in her brand new personal website. It is packed full of hot pics, videos, and some pretty fun stuff with her and the other lightspeed girl playing around and getting naked… it’s great

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