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Month: January 2007

Gigi Lightspeed – Nice little tits!

gigi lightspeed has nice little titsI don’t think I have ever been disappointed with a Lightspeed University girl. They come in all shapes and sizes, but each and every one of them is just downright hot, in her own unique way.
Gigi Lightspeed has got just wonderful little tits. I mean, wow, shaped nice, nipples pointing up every so slightly, nice and pink… a handful, a mouthful, but not and endless overwhelming buffet. These are the type of tiny tits you just want to play with for hours!

Gigi came to Lightspeed University in March of 2006 to start her studies, and she has studied hard… getting naked 101, pussy licking (advanced course), and wet teen orgasms (she does well on this one). She is a bit of a shy bookworm, but when the clothes are coming off, you can tell this quiet and shy girl turns into a hot little sexpot willing to try almost anything once!

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Lovely Lexie does Hardcore

lexie hardcoreIf yout hink maybe you have seen this sexy girl before, you would be correct. I first found her on the Nubiles website. Well, Lexie has certainly become a little more open minded, and this hardcore set will certainly show you that.

Lexie is a really hot girl. Her look is pretty much natural to girl next door, the one that tries hard to be good looking but still loves to play baeball and stuff. Lexie has nice little titties, and overall a fairly tight body and a great look.

She fucks pretty good too, it appears! Lexie is in deep with a pretty well hung stud in this set, and he isn’t shy about stuffing it all the way into her very tight pussy… she is to tight, you can see her lips clinging to his cock as he pulls out… very nice indeed!

Lexie doesn’t skim out on the ending either, and takes a nice big cum load on her face and tiny tits… nice 🙂

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Hailey Tiny Tits Masturbation

hailey has tiny tits and is very horny!I have to say it is really nice to get two of my favorite sorts of porn together in one place: A girl with sexy, wonderful, yummy tiny tits and a sexy girl masturbating for the camera. Hailey here has everything I want!

I found Hailey at a site called called Solo Girls. This site specializes in sexy girls getting themselves off with fingers, toys, and whatever else might come to hand. Hailey isn’t shy at all, and she gets naked at the drop of a hat and starts playing with her tiny tits and moist pink pussy. She gets real busy with her fingers, dipping them in and rubbing them around, and her perky nipples are coming up to full attention… then she gets out a rather large red vibrator and well, she takes every inch.

Is it real? Well, by the end of this gallery, you will see the cum running out of her pussy… so yeah, I think Hailey is having a really good time.

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Bridget @ Nubiles

bridget @ nubilesOne of my first girlfriends was named Bridget, so I am really partial to the name. That she happened to look a whole bunch like the girl here just makes it even better for me!

Bridget from Nubiles is a sexy 18 year old from the Czech Republic, a very petite 5 foot 1 inch tall, and a slinky 32-24-34 measurements… they say B cup boobs, but for me, these are perfect tiny tits that match up well with her sexy frame.

Did I mention she has braces?

Nubiles has a whole bunch of sexy pics (5 sets) and over 30 minutes of very sexy videos of this pretty tiny titty teen… she even plays with her favorite sex toy… yummy!

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Perky Venezuelan Titties

briana from VenezualaExchange students were created to give all of us a chance to visit the UN of pussy…

Briana is an exchange student from Venezuala, and she is into partying and playing games. She is needing some help to get her english marks up, so she is really open to a little tutoring. Of course, she doesn’t realize that most tutors don’t work for free.

Well, the guys from Hot Campus Teens have this all figured out. They will help her out with her english is she helps them out with, well, some good old boinga-boinga horizontal mambo action. It isn’t long before Briana’s perky little tits are out for all to see, and she gets busy sucking cock and generally having a great time. I think the guys are shocked to find out that she has not only a tramp stamp tattoo, but also one just above her pussy… veyr hot!

I love her little tits, they are so fuck perky and firm, and her nipples are totally hard and munchable. They are almost puffy nipples… so lovely! She loves to get busy with the guys… this girl loves the cock!

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Petite Euro Babe

Petite Euro Babe

Well, here is a great way to start the new year, with a sweet, petite treat!   This sexy euro babe makes petite look wonderful.  Her stockings and dark lingerie just makes her look so damn sexy.  Watching her slowly strip it off and get naked is just damn exciting… she is a really hot natural babe too, not entirely shave pussy, all woman!

Someone in the comments added that he thinks her name is Andrea Spinks or Pixie Belle. I am not entirely certain, but I do know she is pretty, sexy and naked, the perfect girl for starting a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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