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Month: February 2007

Patricia tall and petite

patricia has nice nipples and tiny titsThis sexy teen is Patricia. When I saw this pic my cock nearly ripped a hole through my jeans trying to get out! This is one of the hottest tiny tits pictures I have seen in a long time.

Patricia is tall and thin, I am guessing nearly 5 foot 7 or 8, but she is downright petite. Tight ass, long legs, smooth stomache, and well, the most wonderful tiny tits capped with hard nipples that not only wake up, but they actually try to poke their way out of her shirt.

You can see her left nipple poking out, and you know that the shirt has some thickness, so you can get an idea of just how long her nipples are. Can you say “yummy”? I can!

This gallery is all about her lovely tiny tits too, which makes this even better… click here to check out the pics.

You can find Patricia and a bunch more hot models at a great site called 18 Magazine… click here to check it out!

Texas Twins: Double the tiny tits

texas twinsI always say, the only thing better than one girl with tiny tits is two girls with tiny tits. The Texas Twins prove that the more tiny tits you have, the better things are looking!

These two sexy teens share everything! They dress alike, they play alike, and they both have a very strong liking for girls. On their site, you will find them in some pretty wild group sex lesbian scenes that will get your dick twitching! They really seem to love girls with little tits too, so it is a real bonus.

These girls are natural and hot. They are almost exact twins, and their tits are similar but different, topped off with nice big nipples that give you plenty to suck on. They aren’t shy about getting girls to lick them too!

Click here and check out a free gallery, or click here to check out the sexy Texas Twins on their website!

All About Ashley

ashley has nice tiny titsThis sweet girl is Ashley. These are Ashley’s tiny tits!

Cute blond Ashley runs her own personal website packed with pics and videos from her sexy adventures. She is the sort of girl that looks innocent enough most of the time, but she has a very sexy streak inside, and she loves to do crazy things. Like in this set, she is flashing her tits and showing off outdoors. She has lovely tiny tits, and she is an all natural girl, really just a girl next door that gets very naughty.

Think of this as like peeping in on your sexy neighbor, and finding out that she gets turned on because you are watching. sweet!

Click here and check out this gallery of Ashley.

Want more? Ashley’s personal site is full of pics and stuff from her hot adventures. if you like petite babes having fun, then you will love Ashley. Click here now for All About Ashley!

Barely Legal Tiny Tits

Barely Legal Tiny TitsUsually I am pretty good about figuring out who a model is, I check all over the websites and usually even if the galleries I find don’t say anything, I usually figure it out.

This girl will be the exception, but she has such nice tiny tits, I can’t resist. So indulge me while we talk about the sexy small breasted teen with no name.

The word is nice! As you go through this gallery you will be impressed by just how damn hot this girl is, in a very nice sweet girl next door kind of a way. She is petite, that is for sure, but it is a very natural look, not forced. She isn’t muscled or thin… just a sexy petite. Her tiny tits are really nice, and her shaved pussy is pink and she doesn’t mind spreading it for you to enjoy either!

Click here and check out her free pics.

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