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Month: March 2007

More hot shots from Giselle @ 18mag

nice tiny titsSexy Giselle has graced our pages once before, but I  thought that her succulent tiny tits deserved another airing.

In this new gallery, Giselle is outdoors posing, and man does she look sexy!  Those tiny tits are just wonderful, tiny and tight, yet still giving her a totally feminine and grown up look.  Giselle is a walking wet dream if you ask me.

The entire gallery is shot outdoors, and that is a good thing too.  I love sexy girls getting naked outdoors, and Giselle really seems to get off on being naked outside, giving her tiny tits a little fresh air and maybe working to get a little tan on them… not too much though, because the tan lines on her little tits are very sexy indeed!

Click here and check out Giselle’s free gallery.

You can find Giselle and a whole bunch of other sexy teens and coeds at 18Magazine, where the teens are getting naked!  Click here to check out 18 Magazine!

Lovely Little Tits

lovely little tits on this girlI was cruising around looking for hot small titty chicks to add to this site when I came across this girl. Now, I honestly don’t have any idea what her name is, I think she is latina (I will explain why in a minute) . She is quite a little hotty!

First off, her lovely little tits. These are some fine examples of the tiniest of tits, yet she still looks very feminine and all grown up. I am sure that her nipples are super sensitive… want to give them a lick?

Anyway, I found two galleries for this girl, both from a live chat site. One of them is a general area gallery, and one promotes their latina chat area (which is why I think she is latina). One thing for sure, this girl has got a stunning pair of legs and a very meaty pussy that she loves to spread… you will see, this girl is sexy.

Overall the picture quality on these galleries is so-so, but honestly, her tiny tits more than make up for it!

Click here for the first galleryclick here for the second gallery.

Taryn has Tiny Tits

taryn thomas has tiny titsI think there is nothing better than a hot pornstar girl with tiny tits.  it is great to see a girl that is so confident in how sexy her little titties are that she doesn’t have to get them uselessly pumped up.

Taryn is a true hotty!  She started doing porn a couple of years ago, and let me tell you, her tiny tits caught my eye right away.  She loves to get them played with too, encouraging the guys to suck on her little nipples and to pinch them while they fuck… and fuck she does, this girl is into everything including anal!  Amazing.

This gallery has Taryn alone, and then with a stud for some good hardcore action.    He’s right in there, squeezing her little tits, pinching her nipples, and squeezing her little boobs as he fucks her pussy and ass.  Then he pulls out and dumps a nice load of cum on her face and drips it down onto her tiny tits… so nice!

click here and check out Taryn’s Tiny Tits!

Petite Cory Heart

petite cory heart”This picture gives me wood. Not toothpick wood, but giant redwood wood. Cory Heart is so fucking hot!

Cory is an 18 year old college girl going to a school in Georgia on a gymnastic scholorship. Oh yeah, you had the same naughty though as me, sexy petite, and totally fucking flexible, right? Well, Cory doesn’t disappoint, and if you have even had a gymnast fantasy, this girl will certainly fulfill it! Her body is long and lean, and her tiny tits are just fucking perfect! Great stuff.

Click here and check out Cory in a bikini. You can click here and take a tour of Cory Heart’s personal website, it’s hot!

Celeste: Tiny Russian titties

russian girl celeste has tiny titsCeleste is sort of the Russian version of the girl next door. She isn’t a stunning supermodel type, but rather just a pretty girl that would turn your head for a second as she went by. But if you are a lover of fine tiny tits, then she is worth more than a second of your time, as you can see!

Celeste has wonderful tiny tits, and her free gallery is really just about all about her lovely, well formed smaller boobs. I am particularly in love with her nice round nipples and the fullness of them, they really do look like they need a good sucking!

Celeste isn’t shy either, and she all gets completely naked and shows of her nice pink pussy. This girl really does look like she is ready for some action!

click here and check out Celeste’s free gallery.

You can find tons more of the hottest Russian amateurs at Red City Nudes. Click here and check it out, it’s hot!

Pheobe @ First Time Auditions

phoebe has tiny titsYou have to like a filthy minded first timer!

I found sexy Phoebe here on a site called First Time Auditions. As you can imagine, the site is packed full of girls making their maiden porn appearances, some of them you might never see again. It would be too bad if we didn’t see more of Phoebe though, because she is a hotty!

She has a nice innocent face, she really does look like that girl next door that always has the good makeup. She has a nice, normal, real look about her. But the best feature… well, you know me… I think she has wonderful tiny tits! Small, round, very firm, with tiny nipples that are very perky. Combined with her nice tan skin, Phoebe is so darn sexy.

The best part? She isn’t shy. Check out the gallery here, and you will see that she not only gets naked, but she does the nasty like a real pro and she loves every minute of it! You can see all of Phoebe’s hot video at First Time Auditions, click here!

Kitty @ Dutch Teen Amateurs

kitty @ duthteenamateurs.comWhen I saw this picture, all I could think of was how darn happy this girl seems to be to be flashing her boobs. A girl that likes flashing her tits that much has to be fun, right?

Kitty is a sexy Dutch teen girl. I found her, not surprisingly at Dutch Teen Amateurs. This is a real tit lovers site, because most of the stuff there isn’t really hardcore or anything, rather sexy teens showing off their tits, parading around in bikinis, wet t-shirts, and all sorts of stuff like that. So if you are into teen titties, this is really a good site.

Click here and check out Kitty’s free gallery. You can see all of her stuff and more at Dutch Teen Amateurs, click here!

Samantha Ryan, tiny titty pornstar

Samantha Ryan has tiny titsI am always a very happy guy when I find a hot pornbabe like Samantha Ryan. This girl is totally stunning, with nice hair, smoking hot eyes… a mouth you just want to see wrapped around your dick… nice long legs, and well… her good looks go on and on. She it smoking.

What’s best? Samantha Ryan has lovely tiny tits, and she isn’t shy about them! Her tits are totally perfectly little love bumps that really need a good licking, just barely big enough to get a squeeze going, but they are so wonderfully feminine and sexy.

Her tits match so well with all of her sexy body, she is really a tiny tits babe! This gallery will show you hoe wonderfully sexy she really is, as she strips down, shows off her hot body, and spreads her tight pussy for a nice vibrator… sexy stuff!

Samantha Ryan is proof that you don’t need big tits to be sexy! Click here and check out her free gallery.

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