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Month: April 2007

Kitten Jung has super tiny tits

kitten jung has really super tiny titsWell guys, I have to say that I think I have finally found the smallest pair of tits in porn. Micro-boobs! We are talking super small, super fine tiny tits.

This girl is Kitten Jung. She has been doing porn stuff for about a year now, mostly on asian sites and sometimes on other sites. I found a new gallery of her from a brand new site called Real Blowjob Auditions, and let me tell you, it is hot as heck. First off, this is about the hottest I have ever seen Kitten Jung at. She is in great shape, her hair is really nice, her makeup is perfect, and her tiny tits are perky and look ready for action. Did I mention that her equally tiny pussy is both shaved AND pierced? This girl isn’t shy to get the job done!

Anyway, this site features girls “auditioning” for movies. The best part is that it is all shot POV, so it is as if sexy Kitten here is sucking your cock, because you are seeing it happen right from the guy’s view. It’s totally hot. You get to enjoy some really nice shots of her little tits, and watch her work her mouth over the cock like it’s her favorite new toy. Kitten loves to suck cock, or so it seems!

Click here to check out the gallery. When you are ready for more, click here and check out Real Blowjob Auditions.

LittleLupe – Nice tiny tits

Little Lupe wowOh my! Guys, I think I have hit the motherload here… an amazing combination of latina fire, tiny tits, and some of the hardest nipples I have every seen.

LittleLupe is this sexy latina girls name, and she certainly has the little part down right. She is absolutely petite in all dimensions, I am betting something like 32-24-32 or similar. She has wonderful natural dark skin, and she still has a fair bit of hair around her pink hole. What really sets off my alarm clock is her totally stunning tiny tits and her super hard nipples.

When this girls nipples get hard, they could cut a diamond! They puff up nicely, and get just solid as can all get out. You know when this girl is having a good time, that is for sure.

A good time is what she is into as well. I check out Little Lupe‘s site, and it is packed with sexy pics, as well as some pretty serious hardcore action where this tiny titty girl takes on huge cocks and some nice pussy too. She goes both ways, sometimes at the same time! Nice. Click here and check out more from Little Lupe.

You can also check out a free LittleLupe gallery, click here!

Lola has nice tiny tits

lola has tiny titsThe never ending search for the best tiny tits on the net took me for a tour with my friend over at Nubiles. They run possible one of the best sites for up and coming, petite, sexy teens and coeds you will ever see. Many of the teen girls you see on other sites get their start on Nubiles, which means you get to see the girls when they are fresh, sweet, and still a little naive. Nice stuff!

Lola here is a great example of the types of girls you would find on Nubiles. She is a stunningly wonderful 34-24-34, and while she claims a B cup, I think she is probably more like a big A. No matter what, those are lovely tiny tits that I would personally enjoy getting up close and personal with.

Lola also loves to show off all of her petite body, including her lovely shaves pussy and her perfect pear shaped ass. She is just a stunning girl. Her tiny tits are just the start of a wonderful, sexy girl.

Click here and check out Lola’s free gallery, then click here and check out more about Nubiles.

Jordan Capri has cute tiny tits

Jordan Capri tiny titsI have featured sexy Jordan Capri here before, and I suspect I will do it many times to come, because the queen of cute has got some fine tiny tits!

I love the combination of tiny tits and meaty, full nipples. No mistaking these for anything other than nipples begging to be sucked on and squeezed, that is for sure. Jordan Capri is a spinner girl, tiny and petite, and her tits are works of art.

Jordan has has a wild few months, including getting married (and then rumor has it divorced). She stayed married long enough to make the Jordan Capri Honeymoon Video, and then that was that. Her tiny tits sure do puff up nicely when she is all horny and getting fucked! Nice.

Click here and check out a free gallery, or see more of Jordan Capri at Porniki.

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