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Month: March 2009

Dani Jensen Redhead With Cute Little Tits

cheerleader small tits

True redheads are getting rarer and rarer these days, soon they will be all gone. But for now, we get to enjoy the occassional totally hot redhead, and Dani Jensen is one sexy coed with a wonderful pair of little tits we get to enjoy. Dressed up as a cheerleader, she is so sexy. Lose that top, and we get to check out a pair of nice full A cups with perky nipples and a nice fullness of shape and size. Dani seems proud of her tiny tits, and she should be! Those lovely breasts look yummy and ready to eat. Dani Jensen is a naughty girl too, so you can also check out this small breasted cheerleader getting banged hard in an exclusive video. Nice stuff, and her nice teen boobs are out there the whole time for us to enjoy! So sexy!

Checkout Dani Jensens hardcore video here!

Latina Teen Jazlin Diaz Yummy Little Tits

Any day that I find a fresh faced hotty with an amazing pair of tiny tits, I know I am going to have a good day. Jazlin Diaz is a cute latina teen with a slender build and a wonderful pair of small breasts. I found her over at Innocent High, which is a site packed full of hot teen girls getting boned by their teachers, other students, or the principal! In Jazlin’s case, it’s her gym teacher getting his freak on and enjoy this petite latina in all sorts of ways. Plenty of great views of her little titties, part of her schoolgirl uniform stays on too so this is just so damn hot and naughty. Plus she ends up with goo on her tiny tits too, pretty much a perfect set for a perfect day.

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Tiny Top Lizzy Shows Her Little Titties

Lizzy James certainly has tiny tits. I love small breasted girls in bikini tops and such, it takes a certain amount of pride in your little boobs to wear such a thing, and Lizzy pulls it off well. I found her over at a brand new site called Exploited18, and you can imagine that she isn’t just going to get naked. This girl is a hotty, and we get to enjoy plenty of nice views of her little titties as she poses by herself, and then gets into a pretty intense hardcore scene. The good news is the guy like her tiny breasts too, and he spends some good time enjoying her hard little nipples!

Check out the full video at Exploited18, plenty of tiny tits girls here!

Jeanie Marie Loves Her Little Tits

jeanie marie fresh outta high school

perky would be a good way to describe Jeanie Marie’s tiny tits. These little breasts are nice sized handfuls, nothing more, but they are firm and ripe and oh so yummy. With Jeanie Marie in a schoolgirl uniform, we can all have a little naughty thought or two. Nice hardcore action in this set from Fresh Outta High School, with some nive views of her little lumps as she gets boned hard.

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